Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Cookie Policy

On this website, we have many third party tools that collect cookies of the users visiting for the first time. Collection of cookies is necessary in order meet the best functional and customer requirements. Our customers have right to close the cookies however when it is closed however it can lessen your experience of using Happy Star Carpet Cleaning website.

Define Cookies of Website:

It is an option in the modern websites that’s based on the browsing history of a person, cache of the system and browser, and download history. For collection of cookies Happy Star Carpet Cleaning website creates small files of text, placed inside the devices of visitors. These small packets of texts are actually cookies. Cookies are not readable by humans but computer servers and their main purpose is to keep track of the user interest and provide them with options that exactly suit their needs. Cookies contain no virus or harmful material to damage your device.

Benefits of Cookies:

Cookies serves humans and their needs in many ways such as:
• Cookies make visitor experience smooth and interactive.
• Cookies help in understanding visitor preference.
• Cookies work like diaries in which various things are kept to remember.
• Cookies help to automatically select users’ preferred language.
• Cookies collect data anonymously by browsing patterns so no personal information is involved.

Ways, Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Website Uses Cookies:

Happy Star Carpet Cleaning website uses cookies for completely constructive purpose. It sends small packets of text files when you visit the website for very first time. It is just for the purpose of making our content exclusively suiting your needs and requirement. Such as, we have so many cleaning services on our website yet you just want to find the floor cleaning services. You must be visiting various website in this regard and it would have been saved in the cache of your website. What our systems do by collecting cookies, it simply shows floor cleaning options at the top. Our cookies also help us:
• Request price quote against services they want to hire.
• Joining the newsletter service for latest updates.
• Contacting us for further guidance.
• Number of visitors on the website at one time
• Showing pages adapted to the users’ interest.
In case cookies are not used, the user experience will go nil.

Types of Cookies and Types We Use:

There are many types of cookies such as:
• Persistent cookies
• Session cookies
• Strictly necessary cookies
• Performance cookies
• Functionality cookies

Benefits of Collecting Persistent Cookies:

1. Helping visitor to sign-up for our newsletter and service
2. Helping website server to collect how many visitors are visiting at one specific time
Remember, these cookies only activate when you visit our website. It only helps to remind you that you haven’t signed up for our services yet.

Benefits of Collecting Session Cookies:

1. Helping to increase the functionality of Website
It is a temporary cookies session and only remains with a user unless the browsing is being done. Sessions cookies gets deleted automatically when person closes the browsers, here is nothing personal.

Benefits of Collecting Strictly Necessary Cookies:

1. Helping visitors to reserve their seat and signup
2. Helps to improve experience of worthy members
3. It helps in tracking location to help you bring options that suit your needs well.
As the name denotes, collecting this type of cookies is quite necessary. Without them, a server will not be able to make difference between a loyal customer and a visitor.

Benefits of Collecting Performance Cookies:

1. How many visitors are there
2. How many visits each visitor had
3. How much time spent on website
4. Where they spent most of the time
5. Location of the visitor
Basic purpose of using performance cookies is to judging a person for their requirements and preferences. For example, they help in understanding what a person is most interested about and what thing is bringing them on website.

Benefits of Collecting Functionality Cookies:

1. Helps in remembering a user.
2. Helps in customizing the website according to user interest.
3. Helping to remember password and users.
Well, functional cookies are responsible to enhance visitor experience for the website. It serves like a shopkeeper who only shows you the stuff you are most interested in seeing.

Can a User Control Cookies: If Yes, Then How?

Yes, a visitor can control cookies such as they can select its installation and delete the installed cookies. However, if a person deletes the cookies, the website will remember nothing about you. In this case, Happy Star Carpet Cleaning will not be able to help you in maintaining your best experience. Therefore, deleting the cookies is not recommended in any case.
You need to keep a note that installation of the cookies is solely your choice however there are some browsers that accept cookies automatically when you visit a website, without even a single notification. However, there are also browsers that give you options to:
• See cookies
• Accept / reject cookies
• Install / delete cookies
• Subscribe / unsubscribe
• Block / allow third party cookies
You can change your cookies settings by selecting preferences option in the settings menu of your browser. For more information, you can also check for help option given in your browser.
Moreover, it also possible that you allow a browser to keep your browsing history and online activity session records. For example, if you use incognito tab in Google Chrome, you can keep your browsing history private however it is not recommended.

Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Cookie Collection Tools:

To collect cookies and enhance our users’ experience, we use well-known and secure tools such as Google Analytics. I would like to remind you once again that if you don’t allow us to use cookies, we won’t be able to help you in the best possible way and keep you secure and that won’t be our responsivity.
*By continuing to our website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of our Cookie Policy.