Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Privacy Policy

Happy Star Carpet Cleaning is company with fantastic services and excellent team of workers that provides cleaning and maid services in the entire Chicago, especially in the metropolitan areas. At Happy Star Carpet Cleaning, we mainly focus on customer happiness, convenience, and satisfaction. We have tested our workers for criminal records as well as for their any sort of medical history. We don’t hire maids suffering from chronic diseases as well as any sort of criminal record, so your health and home is completely secure with us.
In this privacy policy, we are highlighting all the details regarding customer information gathering, processing, and how it is used by our company, its computer systems, and websites.
For more information on this privacy policy, the world “Customer” means a person, physical entity, or human with whom Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Services builds a relationship and provides services too. On the other hand, we have also used the term “Visitor”; it is a person, physical entity, or human whose visiting our company physically or online website i.e.
Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company assures you that all the information that’s stored inside our database is purely confidential, stored in a secure way, and only authorized and officials can access it. It is kept hidden even form our employees that are not officially related to process this information in any way. We have got completely secure systems and database which are tested for their technicalities, securities, and protection. We also take exclusive measures against the unlawful processing, unauthorized use, accidental loss, damage, disclosure, destruction, or loss of the information.

    1. Data Collection and Usage:

In data collection and use we serve three main categories that is:
• General
• Online visitors
• Customer

1.1. General:

Generally, there are two types of people come to our website. One with whom we already working and the other one who is just visiting us. According to aforementioned definition, person related to us is customer while the other person only visiting the website and living without a connection is visitor. The section explains privacy concerns and hindrance related to both.

1.2. Online Visitor:

This section exclusively explains terms of use and privacy policy to the people who are visiting our website due to any reason and leave without connecting with us.
When you visit this website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of using our website in which we can even collection necessary information related to you and your system. If you have any concerns or disagreement with this, please leave the website and don’t visit it anymore. In the case of requirement, we hold the right to seek your consent on processing your personal data collected by our website when you first visited. Please keep a note that whatever you are agreeing on is totally voluntarily. On the other hand, if you do not agree voluntarily with the terms of use, the further use of the website will not be possible anymore.
Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company holds the right to collect and store information of any person visiting our website that is The information we collection includes:
• IP address
• Cookies
• Personal information, filled on our forms like signup and newsletter.
• Your publically available social media account details if you attach it with signup form.
o First and last name
o Physical address
o Electronic mail address
o Public groups you are member of
o Public work details
Keep a note that servers of Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company collects the information of the person that visits our website such as:
• How many visitors visited website
• How many visits each visitor had
• How any pages visitor (s) clicked
• How much time visitor (s) spent on the website.

1.2.1. Reasons for Personal Data Collection and Processing:

The basic and foremost reason of collection, storing, and processing the information is the communication between us and the visitor. The main and basic purpose of Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company is to provide our visitors with excellent services hence we collect the information so that we can improve visitor’s experience.

1.2.2. Reasons for Personal Data Sharing:

At Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company, we hold the right to share personal information of the visitors with our officials, vendors, contractors, and employees in order to examine the behavior of the visitor on our website. By doing so, our purpose once again is to make your visit satisfactory and secure.

1.2.3. Reasons for Collecting Cookies:

Before telling you the reason, Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company would like to tell you what cookies are. Well, cookies are small pieces of information such as cache of your browser, hard disk, or browsing history etc. Remember, cookies is an information that’s extracted from your computers and no one is able to enter in your computer or system by using cookies. Therefore, no viral attacks can be run by doing so. When you visit our website, you automatically agree with collection of cookies for your browser and device. In case, you disagree and doesn’t allow us to pick cookies, we will not be able to enhance your experience and give you exactly what you are looking for. Cookies can be used for marketing purpose and we may or may not share it with marketing companies.

1.2.4. Websites and Portals in Appearing Ads:

You may find links in the ads related to other pages or portals on the website that are posted here only for the purpose of marketing. Clicking on the links is totally up to you and we hold no accountability for the linked websites, their privacy policy, and their terms and conditions related to using your data. You are responsible for the clicks.

1.3. Customers:

If you are visitor of the website and doesn’t have any sort of connection or contract with us, the section is not relevant to you. It exclusively addresses to our worthy customers.

1.3.1. Reasons for Personal Data Collection and Processing:

This section deals with details of information we collect, what we collect, how we collect, where it is used, and how it is shared.
What Information We Collect?
When you enter on our website and fill up signup or newsletter form to become our customers and maintain a link with us, we collection information from you that you provide to us by filling the forms. Information we collect is:
• Personal information
o First and Last Name
o Physical Address
o Electronic Address
o Billing Address
o Phone Number (mobile or landline)
o Credit Card Details
Where Is Collected Information Used?
• The information we collect it your sole property and we only gather it in order to improve our support services.
• The information we collect it your sole property such as email address, however, we use it only to keep you updated regarding the latest improvements. *You can unsubscribe anytime!
How We Share Information?
Remember, we don’t share your precious information or data of any sort for any purpose to any company or person. However, when it comes to delivering services, it may be securely shared with the official representatives. You are secure!
Remember, we do not sell or trade your information for the sake of profit, it is only shared with our official partners in order to improve your experience with us. We teste the companies before sharing your information and once our contract is finished with them, your information will not be shared anymore.

1.3.2. Data Security, Privacy and protection:

This section deals with your concerns regarding data security, your privacy, and your information protection.
How Your Information Is Secure With Us?
We have got a secure database where your information is stored. To share this information between departments, a secure transport layer (TSL 1.2) is used. It relates to latest technology that never let data breach during sharing.
When you visit our website, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions related to collection, storing, keeping, sharing, or deleting your data. We do not inform you regarding this.
The information disclosure happens only when we find it necessary however it is secure and it doesn’t harm your personal renewals that you have shared with us any stage of using our website. It includes information we share through cookies and you provided to us voluntarily.
When you are no longer attached with our company, Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company has no right to keep your information any longer without your consent. Our servers automatically deletes your information from everywhere when the contract gets over.
Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company holds the right to bring any sort of changes in the privacy policy with or without notifying to our customers, visitors, or users. However, we update policy on our website for your worthy customers so you can have a look.

Happy Star Carpet Cleaning Company Data Protection Contact Information:

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• Tampa, Florida
• (812) 485-6614
For more information, please contact
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