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Legal information:

This is the official website of Happy Start Carpet Cleaning and the company manages this website officially. All the provided material on the website https://www.happystarcarpetcleaning.com/ is owned by the Happy star carpet cleaning company. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the company, its services and terms, and conditions. All the information related to the company will be uploaded soon or later as per the requirement.

About the content or material:

Please follow the conditions related to the material.

  1. The material of the website is not allowed to copy, mailed, uploaded, send, reproduce or republish in any other possible way without the permission of the company.
  2. It is forbidden to use the website material in any content for websites, blogs, cleaning portals, and content generating platforms. We hold the right to take the legal action under this policy.

All rights reserved:

Happy Star Carpet Cleaning declared that the company holds all the property rights of the website and does not transfer it in any case.
Happy Star Carpet Cleaning reserved all the right,
i. Without stating any reason
ii. to decline to the supply services to any users
iii. to remove the user’s information from the system
The company is eligible to remove the information of the customers including:
i. circumstances involving pornographic material
ii. breach of privacy
iii. other illegal activities
This website may comprise of imprecisions and/or typographical faults, happy Star Carpet Cleaning, may change or expand the content of the website at any time and deprived of notice.
Happy Star Carpet Cleaning is not limiting any type of warranties for the accuracy and completeness of the material of this website. Moreover, the material of this website is “as is”, there is no warranty of any kind in the form of implied or express.

Customer service and limitations:

Customers and the Users of the company or its services are completely answerable for the usage of all the contents or material that they pass in, in the system. Happy Star Carpet Cleaning can not the slightest bit be held obligated in the event that at least one of its customers or potential clients in any capacity breaks or disregards copyrights or misuses another gathering’s privileges or secured items (i.e.: without getting multiplication rights!), or when all is said in done encroaches upon legitimate or legally binding arrangements or by and large acknowledged benchmarks of due consideration.
The subtleties of a Customer’s enrollment are secret word secured, so just the Customer and happy Star Carpet Cleaning approach the Customer’s data and can see, evacuate, right or drop the subtleties of the Customer’s enlistment.
All email tends to that Customers of our items as well as administrations use to log in, just as charging email addresses, must be legitimate and effectively utilized. If not, happy Star Carpet Cleaning saves the right, consistently, to decline to supply administrations to these Customers or to expel their data from the framework.

Warranty claims:

Happy Star Carpet Cleaning is not supporting any type of claims on any of their products or services. If you want to claim on any service, be it explicit or due to the situation of the time or purpose. The happy Star Carpet Cleaning is not responsible for the material or the services and also not responsible for the reliability of the material. The company does not give any assurance of the continuous work of the material also or any effort and the virus or other harmful elements of the website are also not a company’s problem. The error could be natural so, the company is not responsible either in such a situation.
The company will try to fix all the material or content error by using all the possible means. The IT team is always working on the server to provide the error and virus free material to the customers. The IT team will guarantee work efficiently on its corresponding services and workability of this website.

Mailing details:

Warning: Please do not click on the links of another website that come to influence or beyond our limit. Avoid them while visiting our website. Happy Star Carpet Cleaning is not taking any responsibility for these operations or content of the websites.
If you want to ask some question, you can send us a mail on happystarcarpetcleaning@gmail.com. . Our customer service team will assist you.
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